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These are some of the questions we get asked about the AlcaTek ECUs …


Q:What are the main advantages of the AlcaTek ECU over the OEM ECU?
A:The AlcaTek ECU uses a MAP sensor to control the engine’s fuelling and ignition rather than the MAF sensor used by the OEM ECU. The ability to eliminate the MAF gives more accurate fuel and ignition control at high boost which can give performance gains.Also,in the case of the MY99-00 cars, it improves reliability as these MAFs are notoriously fragile.
Q:Will my car be difficult to start? I have heard tales of after market ECUs giving starting problems particularly when cold.
A:AlcaTek’s software has been designed to replicate the “strategy” of the OEM ECU in this area.With correct mapping, starting either cold or hot is not a problem.Some customers have remarked that the starting has improved over the stock ECU!
Q:How will it drive off boost?
A:The 24×24 fuel and ignition maps allow for very precise settings to ensure that the “driveability” is not compromised over the stock ECU.The acceleration enrichment strategies are also very comprehensive again ensuring the “flat spots” can be eliminated.
Q:Can I transfer the AlcaTek ECU if I sell my car?
A:You keep your OEM ECU so you can put this back into your car (assuming any other mods allow this) if required.The AlcaTek ECU uses the standard loom so re-installation of the OEM ECU is simple.The AlcaTek ECU will transfer over to any Impreza or Legacy with the same plug layout.
Q:Do I get a warranty?
A:Yes! We guarantee the ECU against failure caused by manufacturing defects for 2 years.
Q:Can the AlcaTek ECU cope with really big power outputs?
A:The AlcaTek ECU will enable any engine to achieve its optimum performance.AlcaTek ECUs are now running anything from standard road cars with 300BHP up to heavily modified drag racers with 650+BHP.
Q:What other features will I get?
A:The AlcaTek ECU has been designed with both road and competition use in mind.For safety of the engine it has the ability to detect “detonation” and then ‘correct’ the ignition timing as well as warn the driver through the check engine light.It has 3 stages of rev limit all user configurable.It has twin maps for different fuel or boost requirements.For the serious competitor it has two stage Anti-lag and launch sytems.For the ultimate in engine mapping all four cylinders have individual fuelling and ignition trims.It uses an Air Charge Temperature sensor to automatically trim the ignition timing to further protect the engine from detonation caused by high charge temps.It also uses this sensor to control water spray or injection systems.
Q:Can I still read the fault codes?
A:The “Check Engine light” (CEL) has a double function with the AlcaTek ECU as a detonation warning and shift light.To read the engine sensors to diagnose faults requires the use of a lap top with AlcaTeks software.Your AlcaTek Dealer can access these readings,but  the software is also available for purchase by the end-user.

Q:Will my car still pass the MOT?
A:The AlcaTek ECU can still use the stock lambda sensor to control idle and part throttle fuelling, so assuming no other modifications are preventing the correct emissions from being achieved, the car will still be able to pass.

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